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We specialise in patient and healthcare insight, employing doctorate level research skills to develop insights that will drive sales and improve experience. We have experience of designing a wide range of innovative strategies and programmes in both the public and private sector to deliver increased sales, engagement and service or product transformation. We then act as a navigator to bring the organisation through the change management process required to ensure it is embedded.

Our founder, Dr Adam Gill earned his PhD on community participation theory at the University of Liverpool in 2012.

Adam has worked in a variety of challenging industries, creating disruption to drive innovation and increase sales.  He worked at the cutting edge of the fledgling Social Enterprise movement and then spent three years in the UK NHS healthcare sector transforming pathways and services.  His journey later took him to employing strategy to help behaviour change companies improve sales in mHealth in 2015.

By immersing in industry, we can understand who are the connectors, blockers and movers in organisations. In doing so, we disrupt the relationship between customers and businesses to improve sales, and create a network of change makers.


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Registered in England and Wales. Company number: 8350106.  Registered Address: 100 Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1UJ.
VAT Number: 223 0434 58